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UPDATE ON CASANOVA! LA Community Cats/City Ferals is grateful for the donations we’ve received up to October 24, 2014: a generous person from Marin County granted us $1,000 and two kind people donated a total of $75 toward Casanova’s medical bills. We have $4,836 left to reach our goal!
Casanova underwent 3 surgeries to remove a fatal blockage of the urinary tract that could have resulted in irreversible kidney damage. But, due to the vigilance of Dr. Pasternak, who carefully monitored Casanova by also administering alternative medicine, Casanova survived and he is now thriving back home with his person, Josette!

Our intention is to RESTORE funding for LA Community Cats/City Ferals so this organization can continue to help other cats in need. We welcome any amount in helping us reach our fundraising goal of $4,836 for this month.
All tax-deductible donations can be made via Paypal to LA Community Cats/City Ferals, lacommunitycats@mail.com

Thank you on behalf of Casanova & LA Community Cats!